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About Us


Gupta Oil Kolhu

How & Why We Started This Venture

We live in Delhi. We purchased a vast agricultural land in village Bhajia, District Katni of Madhya Pradesh in India in the year 2017. We planted roughly 60,000 trees on this land. Some portion of this land is reserved for vegetable, cereals and oilseeds ,i.e., sesame and mustard for staff and sale in the open market.

We got the oilseeds crushed in our Village on expeller. Our farm manager insisted us to take some oil tins to Delhi for consumption. We have a small group of friends in Delhi. We made small packs of these oils and distributed amongst 30 friends and relatives. To our surprise, the results of both the oils, sesame and mustard were astonishing. After applying sesame oil, some of our friends got major relief in their joint pains. Then friends requested for more of the sesame oil. There was a lot of difference in mustard oil also. Our mustard oil consumption is 2/3rd as compared to regular mustard oil purchased from the market and it digests so well that there is no acidity after its consumption thus leading to more demand from friends and relatives.

We were unaware of the results of 100% pure oils.

Slowly, the demand from friends increased to 4-5 times of the sesame oil and 50 times of the mustard oil.

Thereafter we took the responsibility of providing 100% pure cold press oils to the society and public at large.

On August 30, 2022, we opened the shop wherein we extract oils from almost 30 types of seeds.

Our cold press oils are slightly costly but are still available at a low price as compared to the market. 

Reasons why they are costly:

* 100% pure, no adulteration of cheap oils.

* Extracted at 40-50 degree celcius.

* Extracted from small machines with high maintenance cost.

* Live extraction of oil and labour intensive. 

* Less yield from extraction.

* Commercial electricity charges

* Superior quality seed

* Our oils are hexane free, chemical free, unrefined, unbleached.

We do not purchase any oil from outside. Only & only we extract oils in our premises using our seeds.

Refined Oils & Adulterated Oils

As we all know these refined Oils have done a lot of damage to our body by giving us B.P., Sugar, Heart diseases, Joint pains, Cancer & numerous other diseases. Any refining of oil is done at a very higher degree with the use of chemicals thereby aroma & all nutrients of oil vanish.

  • In India, out of total consumption
  • Palm oil constitutes approx 38%
  • Cotton Seed 6%
  • Rice bran oil 6%

Why we consume these unhealthy oils

* Check the price of these oils from google

* These oils are used to mix in main oils because they are cheap oils.

We extract & sell the following seeds oils:

1. Cold Press Black Mustard Oil

2. Cold Press Yellow Mustard Oil

3. Cold Press Coconut Oil

4. Cold Press White Sesame Oil

5. Cold Press Peanut Oil

6. Cold Press Sunflower Oil

7. Cold Press Safflower Oil

8. Cold Press Almond Oil

9. Cold Press Walnut Oil

10. Cold Press Flaxseed Oil

11. Cold Press Kalonji Oil

12. Cold Press Chiya Seed Oil

13. Cold Press Hazelnut Oil

14. Cold Press Pumpkin Oil

15. Cold Press Watermelon Oil

16. Cold Press Muskmelon Oil

17. Cold Press Onion seed Oil

18. Cold Press Neem Oil

19. Cold Press Castor Seed Oil

20. Cold Press White Sesame Oil

On order, we can extract the following seed oils also:

21. Cold Press Moringa Seed Oil

22. Okara Seeds Oil

23. Carrot Seeds Oil

24. Tara Mira Seeds Oil

25. Radish Seeds Oil

26. Bottle gourd Seed Oil

27. Bitter gourd Seed Oil

28. Snake Gourd Seed Oil

29. Ash gourd Seed Oil

30. Cucumber Seed Oil

31. Grape Seed Oil

Our Objective

Friends, we promise till Gupta Oil Kolhu is alive, you will get 100% pure cold press and natural oils always.




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